Favorite Recipes & Suggestions from the
Printlace Kitchen

Warm Beverages

After Dinner Coffee

Baileys Irish Coffee

Citrus Cider

Eggnog Coffee

Ginger Root Tea

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum ~ Mix

Hot Mulled Cider (Crockpot)

Hot Mulled Cider (Classic)

Hot Spice Cider

Hot Spiced Punch

Hot Toddy

Hot Tomato Drink

Steaming Fuzzy Navel

Steaming Peach

Tom & Jerry's Hot Beverage


Cool Beverages

7-Up Punch

Aloha Fruit Punch

Bloody Mary
Party Size

Christmas Cranberry Punch
Simple Christmas Treat

Egg Nog (Old Fashioned)

Egg Nog Coupe De Milieu

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Ginger Ale

Ginger Root Water for Tea

Iced Tea Recipes

Fuzzy Navel




Maple-Flavored Cocktails

Martinis (Flavoured)

Queen Elizabeth II

Rootbeer Float

Simple Syrup

Smoothie (Strawberry-Banana)

Smoothie (Pineapple-Coconut)

Southern Kiss

Super Shake (for breakfast)

Venetian Sunset

Watermelon Daiquiri

Beverage Tips