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14 March 2017
Be sure to click and read:
Julie's Story of Hope

23 September 2016
When you believe in fairies your flower pots sprout shrooms.

17 September 2016

Brunch was held at
McKenzie House Sweet Tea Restaurant

Click Link Above For Information.

While waiting in the nice air-conditioned barn, I decided to take the above photos.
Little elderlies probably should not be left alone for they can get into all kinds of mischief.  
I'll place a link to the professional site as soon as I'm given the URL.
Also, I have made a link to just the Leslie Wedding.
It can be found here.
The Leslie Wedding

17 October 2015

16 October 2015

11 October 2015
Royal and I attended the World Premiere of "SHERLOCK IN LOVE."
It was the first musical of season for the Cocoa Village Playhouse.
Though all were wonderful: my favorite performers were:
Kair Ryan Furr as Nell Valentine, Rick Roach as Max Gregorian and Dillon Giles as Oscar Wilde.

22 September 2015
Good Morning Visitors ~ Click photo for better view.

14 September 2015
It was a little cooler here today. Royal came in from the golf course only half melted down.    The high was only 89 degrees!

5 September 2015
The long Labor-Day Weekend has begun.   Be safe, Sweet Peeps!

3 September 2015
My birthday could not have been better.   Royal and I went to Melbourne.   We shopped and had lunch at Meg O'Malleys.   Corned Beef and Cabbage, Senate Bean Soup topped off with a footed-mug of hot Irish Coffee: who could ask for more!   It was truly "my day."
Loved ones remembered and let me know they remembered.   I am very blessed. 10:44 p.m.

2 September 2015
The florist visited me today with flowers and chocolates from Glenn, Kathy and Keeley
You can see for yourself; the flowers are lovely!   I'll tell you about the candy tomorrow.

1 September 2015
Hello, Sweet Peeps.   I have been very busy! Moving web pages is not for the impatient.    Yesterday, I managed to get everything off the site of my previous provider (Yahoo). Now, I have to get everything in order here at the Zone ... making progress.    There are more dead links than I prefer; but hopefully, soon, everything will be fully clickable.   Royal and I received pictures of one of his great-grandsons yesterday (Aiden).   Isn't he adorable!   1:16 p.m.

30 August 2015
Steven Buckley suggested to me late today that I add a Journal to my pages.   This Journal is a first for me; but I've decided to go for it.   
Recently, I moved my site to The Zone.   It has been an enormous, time-consuming, undertaking.   However, I have made progress and I feel that my format is better than it was originally.   I'm still making decisions about what I want to add to this new site and what, simply, should be deleted.
This should be enough for a beginning. ~    ~ Sweet dreams, Sweet Peeps. 9:40 p.m.

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