General Household Help

Note: The following are not recommentations.
They are posted here for interest only.
Many have not been tested in the Printlace household.

Clean Cushions for Outdoor Furniture
Thank You, Jackie, Tropicasual in Melbourne, FL

Formula: 1 cup Clorox ... 1 gallon water ... 1 squirt Dawn
Mix and apply with a soft brush.
Hose it off and place cushions in sunshine.

All-Purpose Cleaner
Mix Vinegar with equal parts of water. Use throughout the house.

Mildew in Refrigerator
Wipe with a sponge dipped in plain white vinegar.
Rinse with water.

Cleaning the "John"
Clean your toilet with Alka Seltzer.
Drop in a couple of tablets Alka Seltzer, leave for ten minutes.
Wipe scum away!
Fizzing action of Alka Seltzer works as a powerful cleaning agent.
You don't have to get your hands dirty.

Microwave Damp Sponge to Kill Germs
To sterilize, wet the sponge, wring it out and nuke it for two minutes in the microwave.
The heat kills the bacteria along wih viruses.
(Journal of Environmental Health, December 2006)

It is important the sponge be damp or sponges can catch on fire; smelling up kitchens and ruining microwave ovens.

Brighten Cloudy Drinking Glasses
A paste of Bar Keepers Friend. Christa Hoffman, Cocoa, FL.
A wipe of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Shirley Bollinger, Satellite Beach, FL

Jim Gerber, a spokesman for Mr. Clean erasers, said it's OK to use the mildly abrasive pads on glass, but not on gold or silver trim --
a no-no for Bar Keepers Friend, as well. Recommended afterward: Rinsing or wiping off with a towel.
The above cloudy glass suggestions are compliments of Florida Today Help column edited by Doug Lang.

Lint-Free Viewing
For lint-free viewing, wipe down computer monitors and TV screens with a coffee filter.

Sharpen Scissors
Here's a quick fix for dull scissors!!
Make a few cuts through a sheet of fine sandpaper.
The gritty surface restores the sharp edge on the blade so your snips will be crisp.
Robert Vetter

Smart Phone Amplifier
I was cleaning up my home directory when I found this amusing picture I took a while back:
I like to listen to music while cooking, but since most cooking is inherently noisy,
the diminutive iPhone in-built speakers need some form of amplification to find good use.
Enter the Arnab 2000: Zero-power amplifiers for the Kitchen!
Built with oven-safe glass and ceramic, this incredible invention creates a nice little acoustic chamber
that projects out the sound with a richer and louder quality!
Can also be disassembled to be used as mixing and serving bowls!

Note: Keep away from the primary cooking area,
especially when you’re frantically looking for a receptacle to pour fresh-cooked hot curry.
Arnab Nandi
PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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