Caring for Cut Flowers

Note:  The following are not recommentations.
They are posted here for interest only.
Many have not been tested in the Printlace household.
Keep Cut Flowers Alive Longer Suggestion #1:
Give them sugar for nourishment and an acidic ingredient like lemon-lime soda or aspirin,
which allows the plants to absorb water more easily.
A drop of bleach prevents bacteria and also lengthens their life.

Suggestion #2:
Mix 1 quart warm water, 1 tablespoon bleach and 1/4 cup of lemon-lime soda.

Preserving Flowers
Posted by Joy (Kard Krafter Group) I do a lot of pressed flowers in my cards and bookmarks.
To keep the fresh and color to be rich I laminate them with a laminating machine.
One tip with the pressing, put the flowers between some paper towels if they are being pressed in a book.
I find the telephone book has the best absorbency other than a true flower press.
And it doesn't take long for them to dry out. Joy

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