Washing Machine and Dryer Maintenance

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These are not general recommendations.

  Washing Machine Maintenance

  To clean washing machine:

  1.  Select Heavy Duty Cycle.
  2.  Select Hot Water.
  3.  When filled, "Pause" and add 1 cup vinegar - then, complete wash cycle.

  Loading suggestion:
  Arrange items in shape of volcano around the machine, rather than loading the center.

  Occasionally, use "Washer Magic" to clean washing machine.
  "Washer Magic" can be purchased at Lowes or Walmart.

  How To Use Washer Magic (You Tube) CLICK HERE

Dryer Maintenance Use sandpaper or steel wool to clean the sensor bars in front of dryer. Afterwards, clean with Windex. Dryer vent was cleaned by the same company, but different repairman. The vent had been blocked by roofers with 2 strips of wire. It had not been removed and there was total lint buildup between the two strips. Dish Washer Maintenance CLICK HERE for How To Clean Dishwasher with Lemi Shine

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