Pearl Bigelow Jewell
1908 - 1927
Royal's Mother's Sister
(Dates are in question. Research continues.)

Printlace Notes:
Pearl Bigelow graduated from Framingham Normal School in 1923.
She married Henry Jewell.
Pearl Bigelow Jewell died of Tetanus (lockjaw) as a result of a fall from horseback.
She fell into a barbed wire fence.

This lovely pencil sketch of Pearl's monogram was tucked away in the pages of her diary.
If you are following updates of Pearls diary, you will find these initials before each update.

Friday, January 1, 1926 Saturday, January 2, 1926
Sent a whole column of news today so I guess I won’t get fired. Went up to Worcester with mama and went to see the movie “The Splendid Road” at the Olympia. Got new skins and buttons put on my fur coat free. Stopped at Chet’s for a Roast Duck Sandwich coming home. Went over to see Dr. Griffin at 6 o’clock and he pulled out a decayed piece of jaw bone out of my upper tooth on right side.

Sunday, January 3, 1926
Put away Christmas presents washed and dug out most of my room. Went skating down to Lake Williams with Annie, D., Margaret and Liz this afternoon it was nice and warm and the ice was fair. Went down to the Colonial for eats and drinks after. Met Emma’s brother Billie and Gene. Made a date for Annie and I Wednesday night.

Monday, January 4, 1926
School commenced today. Rode down town with Florence and Harry who were going to Baintree to the funeral. Bought a ticket from Emery for this week. The number is (blank). Didn’t leave school tonight until quarter of seven. Darn near froze to death.

Tuesday, January 5, 1926
We had an Atwater Kent five tube radio set installed today. It works great. Went to Grange installation and danced afterwards. Two fellows were there from West Boylston. Listened in on radio with Mama till after one o’clock. Got hell from Papa and also got Miami Beach Fla, Chicago Lancing Mich, Detroit, New York, Cleveland and lots of other stations.

Wednesday, January 6, 1926
Had a date with Annie, Ray and John. We went down to the show in Marlboro, “Back to the Road to Yesterday.” It was great. Had some eats afterward and went for a ride. Came home and listened to radio got Des Moines, Iowa and Atlanta, Georgia good and loud.

Thursday, January 7, 1926
Found a nuthatch that was frozen at school. He was just as tame. He’d walked all over me and eat out of my hand. Kept him in a cage all night and let him go this morning. Got my hair shingled. Got a check from the Gazette. Was supposed to go to Riding School but it was too blame cold. Cliff Sowerby called up for the third time so I sent to the pictures in Marlboro with him and had a drink afterwards. He’s a damn conceited cuss. Talked the whole darn time about himself. Invited me to a dance in Marlboro. Never again, if I’m conscious.

Friday, January 8, 1926
Annie and I rode up in the coup to Worcester tonight. The Legion played the Emmet Guards and were beat 35 to 5. Rotten game. We danced afterward in St. John’s Gym. Met Frances Goddard’s chum. Forty were there from here. Threw away a dollar bill.

Saturday, January 9, 1926
Mama and I went to Worcester today and took up the news. It snowed terribly about six inches of snow. Was going skating in afternoon with Annie but couldn’t. Wilbur and Florence came down for me about eight o’clock and Bert, Harry and all of us played Pitch came out (23). Bert won with 145. Got home early and woke up Mama. We listened in on radio until 2:00 o’clock got over 30 new stations.

Sunday, January 10, 1926
Went up to Warrens with Bert and Wilbur when they came back from fishing. Florence uglier than the devil. Bert got out quick. We went up to Beck’s to see Cora who got there at four that morning and was leaving at seven at night. Mama came for me and I got home by six. Supposed to go skating but didn’t. Listened to radio instead.

Monday, January 11, 1926
Went skating down at Woodside with Annie, Jack and Charlie had a peachy time. Margaret is going to the Masquerade with Annie and Liz and I are going. We’re going to dress as Spaniards Liz has black velvet pants with gold stripes a sailor, and hat that ties under her chin.

Tuesday, January 12, 1926
Heard about a vacancy in grades 4-5-6 in Southville-Cordaville school wrote Mr. Harris a letter. He has made an appointment with Papa for me to meet him tomorrow at 4:30 in the Hudson St School. Went to riding school. Rode Catholic a Kentucky thoroughbred. He hunched and acted like the devil. Changed nights to Monday because a bunch of Swedes had got in and taken our night and our horses. Got stuck in snow on Castle Street and Charlie LaCross who lives there came out and backed down the street. He nearly got tipped over. It took us an hour. Called Lyman to put in a good word.

Wednesday, January 13, 1926
Interviewed Mr. Harris at Hudson St. School. He almost fell all over me. He said he would recommend me highly for the position. Had to go to Southboro to see Irene Salmon & Mr. Bunber who are on school committee. Gee I hope I can get the job. Papa was supposed to be in Springfield so we ate in Marlboro. Just got to the hall in time for the game. Clinton beat the Legion, State Mutual Girls beat the Girls and Boys beat Post’s Business College.

Thursday, January 14, 1926
Cliff called up the old sock.
Went to Worcester this afternoon to get shoes fixed and look for earrings to wear with my costume to the Masquerade. Couldn’t get the earrings. Mrs. Mayo died this morning. Washed my hair, took a bath, washed some clothes and went to bed at 9 the first night I’ve been to bed before 1 since the first of the year. Still praying for the job. Not much hopes tho.

Friday, January 15, 1926
Lost my headdress that went with Mrs. Elderburn’s Spanish costume. Had to take Ford over to school so I could go up to Worcester to buy another. Mama found it and called up at noon. Went to Masquerade with Liz. She wore a peach of a velvet Spanish suit. We won first prize for the prettiest most original costumes. Gee I nearly fainted. I didn’t think they meant me. Mrs. Datenman was a scarecrow. Harold Perry of Westboro a clown. They got prizes for the most grotesque costumes. We each got a $2.50 gold piece. I’m going to keep mine forever. I had to wear glass curtain rings tied to earrings because I couldn’t buy any. I danced every dance and was a wreck when I got home.

Saturday, January 16, 1926
Finished cleaning my room and made coffee custard for dessert. Went to Poli’s with Florence, Wilbur and Harry and saw a slick show. Went to the Chinese Restaurant afterward and had a feed. I had Chicken Chow Mein for the first time. It was great also had a Chinese Preserved Fruit Sundae. Believe me every time I go to Worcester I’m going to have one. Got a letter from Paul and he said he’d try and be back by February. That will mean two months that he has been out of school.

Sunday, January 17, 1926
Took me all day to get over last night and the night before didn’t go out at all. Went to bed about 7 P.M.

Monday, January 18, 1926
Went to Riding School and rode Lone Star. Gee what a peach of a horse and how he can canter. He went around that ring a mile a minute never missing a step. Wish I could buy him. He hates sugar too. Stayed late talking about dogs. Was stuck in the snow and had to get a fellow at the school to get the Ford out.

Tuesday, January 19, 1926
It was Grange meeting tonight but I didn’t go as I was celebrating by going to bed at quarter of seven. Guess I didn’t miss much.

Wednesday, January 20, 1926
Went to the Basketball game. The Legion played Turner A.C. I saw Fred. Gee talk about a crush it’s got nothing on us. He knows my name, whole family history, where I teach and what kind of a car I drive. He’s as cute as the deuce. Worked terribly hard to make his team win the game. If they’d tried as hard as he did they would have. Went with Liz, cheered for Turner and nearly got put out.

Thursday, January 21, 1926
Went to a dance with Margaret and Annie in Hudson. Talk about a terrible time I never saw the beat of it. They were all nothing but a bunch of rowdy hicks. Miss Hudson was chosen a hard looking painted egg she looked terrible.

Friday, January 22, 1926
Went up to Poli’s with John and Ray saw “Rose of the World” and vaudeville. It was slick. Afterwards we went out for a feed. Got a letter from Harris saying he had recommended me highly to the Southboro School Committee and wished me every success for election at the meeting tonight but I guess there’s not the ghost of a chance. Wrote a letter to Paul and will mail it Sunday.

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Saturday, January 23, 1926
Spent day in Worcester with Mama went to Plaza to see "The Splendid Crime" and another picture. Then we went to the Chinese Restaurant and had Chicken Chow Mein and Chinese Preserved Fruit Sundae. Gee it was peachy. Won't be able to eat for a month. Took Annie & Margaret up to Clinton to get my jewel box from Marion and we went to Turner Hall to watch the Clinton Town Team beat the lives out of Natrick 24-8. We danced afterwards. Fred danced with me four times and rode down to show us how to get to Marions. He is a peach too and 24(25) in April. He said he was going to write me a letter. The only reason Clinton lost here was because he was looking at me so much. He used to be in Keith's Circuit doing an acrobatic stunt. Is very amusing. Froze up 4 times coming home.

Sunday, January 24, 1926
Sat at home and read most of day. Made a five egg caramel custard for dessert and put it out on front steps to cool the next I knew Bobby was eating it all up. Wrote a letter to Fred to see if He'd found my glove. Gee I hope someone does. Went up to Warrens. Florence was sick so I didn't stay long. Got news of three accidents. Went to bed at 7 and set alarm for 11 so I could hear Europe on radio went to change aerials and put radio on blink so had to go to bed again.

Monday, January 25, 1926
Got a letter from Louise Naplien. Wore my new shoes to school. I guess they're not too short. Didn't hear from Southboro so I guess the job is all off. Doggone it. The new normal school girl came today Miss Terry. Emanuel{?) spent the afternoon with Stanford and I. He went down town & came back with a package of gum apiece. Went to Riding School tonight and rode Silver King. He's pretty good. George took me down and showed me some new horses. He's going to get me one. He said if I'd come up some afternoon he'd teach me to jump. Skidded once by Bigelow Nurseries didn't have any chains on. George wanted to know where I worked and when I said W, he said he didn't know there were any shops there.

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 26 & 27, 1926
Got a nice letter from Fred. Since noon a chicken sandwich and a cream puff and had raced around all afternoon in auto so that I darn near got knocked out before the first quarter was over. Got thrown against stage, bruised my hip and sprained my left big toe. It looks terrible all purple brown over the top. Had to wear my bed slipper all day in school. Nurse said it would ache for to weeks. After the game I came home and took a bath and squeezed on my shoe. My toe was swelled and could hardly get it on. Annie, Margaret, Dot, Walter, Gus and I went together to the Grange West Party and dance in Marlboro. Every time anyone touched my toe I tho't I'd faint. Danced all night still without any supper. Was so far gone when I got home that Mama had to get up and bring me a handful of grub. Had a peachy time Al and Hannah were there. Haines saw Papa in the post office and asked him when I was going to start in at Cordaville and I hadn't heard a thing so I went to see him and he called up the school committee and I had been appointed. Gee I nearly died of the shock. Have until Thursday night to notify him. Went to Clinton to see Marion had to hang around in Bedrick's till 4:30 for Marion. Louis told her afterward that I reminded him of spring when he saw me come in. The Girls Town Team made up at the last minute of Margaret, Grace, Liz, Pauline and I played the High School team girls rules tonight and won with a score of 14-15. I hadn't eaten.

Thursday, January 28, 1926
Answered Fred's letter. Armstrong offered me $1200 beginning the first of January if I would stay. Went to Harris and told him I couldn't afford to go to Cordaville for that price so he called up the school committee and they raised me to $1300 if I'd come. Supposed to let him know in the morning. Drove over to Westboro and almost froze to death to see Armstrong chewed the fat with him but he couldn't raise me any more than the maximum and he gave me till Monday to decide. Mrs. Andrews killed me for thinking of going and Stanford too. Blackly and Crowe and Lawry say to go. Told Armstrong where he got off in volumes, about how much I was worth, the raise no salaries and the maximum etc. He nearly died.

Friday, January 29, 1926
Didn't have any school because it was too cold went to Clinton and spent day with Marion. Taught her fifth grade. Was supposed to let Harris know if I'd take job but put it off till Monday. Fred called up and said that he and May Baer would be over tomorrow night at 7. Went to Masquerade in Shrewsbury with Margaret, Annie, Jean, Harry and John. We had a dandy time. Hannah and Al were there. Danced three times with Al. He is going to try and get up a sleigh ride to go to the Masquerade in Westboro the 22nd. Got over shoes swiped but I guess I got hold of a better pair so I'm not out any. Saw Gladys Ellis who's married and teaching in Slonews. Her husband got first prize, saw Janice Hoxy too.

Saturday, January 30, 1926
Annie and I went out with Fred and Max. We went to the pictures and then to Lyonhurst. Had a peachy time. Mama and I went to Worcester and I got an ashes of roses dress all shirred and a light blue felt hat. Saw Helen Horner and Maisie at Lyonhurst. Helen in in Millis now.

Sunday, January 31, 1926
Fred called at 10:30. I was just up and not dressed. He called up again at four but I was up at Warrens and he called up again at six. Max wanted me to get Annie and the four of us would go up to Plulbin's Theater. Annie hates Max. It rained all the way over and snowed all the way back. We skidded quite a bit. Saw a peachy show and vaudeville. Fred gave me a bunch of snap shots to look over all about their trip West etc. They were great.

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Monday, February 1, 1926
Sent in resignation to Armstrong and also letter to Harris Armstrong. Was sore as blazes; said I'd ave to work till vacation. Wrote Fred a letter. Couldn't go to Riding School because it was snowing so hard. My cough which I've had since the 23rd gets worse and worse. I cough all the time now. I guess it's Rutland for me soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 1926
Margaret collapsed in the store today and had to be carried home. They thought at first she had appendicitis but it turned out to be accute indigestion. Annie and I had to get down to the Grange Hall at 9:30 and decorate for the Valentines party. Decorations had been burned. Everyone made fudge for refreshments. Annie and I saved ourselves out a big box full of all kinds first to take home then passed out the rest. Old hens there and not much fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 1926
Max was supposed to bring Fred over to the game tonight but I guess the trip home Sunday night was too bad. Fred said by the time they got home which took them two hours, the coupe was covered with ice. Fred called up at supper time and talked a half an hour. Said he was planning to get the bus to Berlin and hoof it the rest of the way. I said nothing doing. That was too bad. Goodness knows when he'll get over again. He said he guessed he'd have to get a new battery for his bus. He got my letter and knew it by heart.

Thursday, February 4, 1926
It snowed like blazes all day today. There are drifts in the road and all around the house six feet deep. No trains, busses or anything. Called up Armstrong and he said there would be school, damn fool so I called up again and said I wouldn't be over. It took Gus from 4 - 6:15 to get from town up to the cross roads near his house and then he had to leave his Ford and walk. Says he's going over on horseback tomorrow so I guess I'll get another day off. Bed at 7:15. Cold better.

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Friday, February 5, 1926
No school today. I was just getting ready to walk when I decided to call up Armstrong. Only 34 kids out of 200 there yesterday. Gus went over on horseback. Read a book pressed and cleaned all my winter dresses and mended stockings. Got a peachy letter from Fred saying he was coming down on train Sun. night and walk home. Isn't it pitiful. Was supposed to go up to Polis with Ray Annie and John. It got to be F.30 and Ray called Annie to say that he hadn't seen John yet so believe me I didn't want any more. I went to bed.

Saturday, February 6, 1926
Washed my hair. Got the Ford out today by driving it up on the lawn around the house and out by the hydrangea bush where some of the snow had blown away. Got stuck twice between here and the bank got out all right myself first time and the second time a man from Bedrosians shoveled and Mr. Smith pushed me out. Left it in front of bank, took down chains and Mama and I went to W. Annie called up and wanted me to go to Lyonhurst with Gene, John and her. I didn't have anything to do so I said yes. About fifteen minutes later Fred called up and said he'd come over on the bus thru Berlin, Hudson and Marlboro if I didn't have anything to do so I said go to it and called up Annie and told her the other was all off. Fred started from Clinton at 6 and got here at 8:20. Brought me a box of Valentine chocolates the first he ever got for a girl. Stayed until 11:30 and then walked up the track home. over 8 miles and it was snowing.

Sunday, February 7, 1926
Rode up to Warren's in afternoon with Frank Tally. Fred called but I was on the way up so I had to call him again just as he was taking a shower. Said he got home at 1:20. Believe me that was darn good time. Came over on six train tonight and had to take 9:40 bus to Marlboro, Hudson, Berlin and Clinton. Anna, Cora and Emery came over. Bettsy got run over and killed. Had to walk home from Warren's and got as far as Chapin's when I met the state truck snow plow with Billie Rice, Blakely, Robert Collins and two other men. I had lots of fun riding down on it!

Monday, February 8, 1926
Got home at 6:05 and had to start to Riding School at 6:30. Clarence B. went with me. I rode Tonya a peachy new black and white pinto pony. Ink kicked him terribly made a hole in his front leg but he didn't even rear he just held up one foot and limped along for a while. Gee but he could go. George is going to try and buy him for me. Stopped in Shrewsbury for a hot dog.

Tuesday, February 9, 1926
Am writing this up a week late and can't remember what happened but I guess it wasn't anything wild or I'd remember it.

Wednesday, February 10, 1926
No school, stormed like the deuce. Had to even postpone the basketball games. No busses ran to take up the news. Everything on the blink. Annie got as far as Balcom's and had to ride back on the snow plow.

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Thursday, February 11, 1926
No school. Margaret and I took 12 o'clock bus to Marlboro and were supposed to come back on the three. None was running so we walked as far as Lake Williams and bummed a ride with the Town Talk Man. I nearly got the liver shook out of me. We found three busses and four trucks stuck by Rice's Hall but we plowed right by. Albert and Douglas came down and took Margaret, Annie, Alia, Ella, and I to Oxford to a dance. The drifts were above the car in some places. Had a peachy time. Did Charleston all evening. Bet I lost ten lbs. Had a fiddlers' contest. Got back at Millers at 1:45 stopped for a feed and landed home at 8. Talk about a wild ride in an open car, no ride curtains & the wind blowing your breath away.

Friday, February 12, 1926
Went to bed at eight o'clock a total wreck. Had 8 kids in school.

Saturday, February 13, 1926
Couldn't get Ford out to go to Worcester. Margaret, Annie, Fred and I and sixteen others went on a sleigh ride to Berlin Center and back by Sol Pond. Stopped at Legion Hall, ate box lunches and danced till midnight. Tommy Brady, Chet Warren and Becky played. Fred has invited me up to Clinton for the Masquerade at Turner Hall on the 26th but I guess I can't go because I can't get home. Fred missed freight train and had to walk again.

Sunday, February 14, 1926
Snowed so I couldn't go tobogganing. Fred came down in evening and went home by bus. Brought me a peachy big box of Whitmans chocolates. Been trying to get Dave Pennstein on phone all day about Tony but I guess he was at the winter carnival at Turkey Hall. Had a chance to go up to Polis with John and Harry.

Monday, February 15, 1926
Couldn't got to Riding School on account of the Minstrel Show. Would have missed it if I'd thot there was any chance of buying Tony. Called up Dave and he said he'd sold Tony to a man who weighed 180 lbs. and he guessed he'd be too heavy for him so if he decided to sell him he'd call me up. Wrote Fred a letter before the Minstrel Show. The show was pretty good but too tame. Met May's cousin Lynch from Clinton "a fat perspiring sheik" as he called himself but he was cute. John wanted to take me out this week. Wore my new dress. Did the Charleston with Douglas. Albert brot me home and returned my compact was informed that I was eighteen and ten years younger than Esther thot I looked just like her.

Tuesday, February 16, 1926
Was supposed to read a paper on "Who Are Three Women Whose Names Are InThe Hall of Fame?" I couldn't find anything and it was so blamed cold that I hit the hay at 7:15 and read, ate chocolates, and wrote a letter to Fred. Wrote a letter to Mrs. Mitchell too. Got a letter from Fred. Mrs. Mitchell sent me up a peachy little luster ware teapot and three linen handkerchiefs for my hope chest. These people are bound I'll get my chest started.

Wednesday, February 17, 1926
Fred called up and bet me a dollar that the Legion would lose the game with the Fitchburg Turner's tonight but I won 39 to 17. Gee what a walk away. A guy stood in back of us from Fitchburg who was three sheets in the wind and he kept yelling "and I don't mean maybe." Wrote a letter to Fred. Kept a kid after school - John Giblin. He asked for the red ruler twice so I handed it to him and he walloped each hand twenty five times good and hard to that he was crying then he went home. Big celebration.

Thursday, February 18, 1926
Got a letter from Fred with a dollar in it for the bet and some clippings on bobbed hair etc. The only place it's warm in this darn place is bed and that isn't anything to rave about. Been cleaning up at school today getting ready to move. Stanford and I crawled all over the rafters up in the dark attic at school and almost fell down twice trying to locate a leak.

Friday, February 19, 1926
Today was the last day of school and my last day in Westboro. Helena presented me with a silver salad spoon to go with my teapot in my hope chest also a verse of poetry with it. Had a party all afternoon with the kids. Peanut hunt and everything. Almost died of grief when I said good-bye to the kids and they told me to come back again.

Saturday, February 20, 1926
Was supposed to go down and practice basketball this afternoon but it was so cold that I just sat around the house in my gym clothes and read. Fred came over this evening and forgot to go until ten o'clock but we called up and the bus hadn't gone so he went down and caught it all right.

Sunday, February 21, 1926
Frank came down after me to go tobogganing. Stayed all after then he brought me down to dry off and meet Fred on the train. Fred and I walked back up. Had a peachy time tobogganing. Once coming down backwards I leaned over too far and my shoulder caught in a snow bank as we were whizzing but it jerked toboggan square around and everyone fell on me toboggan on top. We hitched all four toboggans on together and they bet Wilbur and I that we couldn't ride the little end one. No one had been able to. We got along all right until we hit the wall then we got thrown up so high that by the time we landed there was no toboggan to sit on and we slid down the hill on the seat of our pants and I still had my feet and arms around him and didn't know the difference till I saw the toboggan already there. I kept saying, "What are we sliding on" All Fred could say the first time he went down was, "Oh my God" "Oh my God." He was scared to death. We walked home 3 mi. in 35 minutes in time for him to catch the 10:20 for Marlboro.

Monday, February 22, 1926
Fred called and I wasn't home. Walked down town in afternoon and got Florence some candy then walked up tobogganing. Paul called up and brought down Bob and I got Margaret to make the fourth. I took the horse to drive down and meet them and also to dry my three pair of pants. Met them at 6:40 and took them up. They had a peachy time but got tired too soon. I was coming down belly-bump on top of Paul, Gert and Kenneth couldn't reach the ropes so when we went over the stone wall I got thrown up in the air about ten feet and took two complete somersaults then landed head first into snow bank with my legs sticking up in the air. Meant to start home at 10:15 to catch 10:45 bus but my watch had stopped and it was 10:35 before we started walking. Believe me we hustled. I was about a mile ahead of the rest they were so tired they couldn't walk straight. Made town in 40 minutes. Had to wait for his late.

Tuesday, February 23, 1926
Too cold to go out all day. But at night went up to Warren's tobogganing with Merrill and Liz about a dozen in all up there. I darn near got killed. Harry, Liz and I started down the hill standing up on the pillows and I was in the middle. We struck a hole in the crust and it threw me on my face on the crust with Liz sitting on top of my head. My face broke thru the crust about a foot in. I thought my nose was flattened for life. Talk about see a million stars. It hurt so bad that all I could do was to lie there with the tears running down my face and laugh like the deuce. It struck me so funny. Got a letter and a call from Fred.

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Wednesday, February 24, 1926
Got the Ford out for the first time in three weeks and drove over to Westboro to move my school stuff. The Ford was piled full. Stopped at Anna's and had dinner. My face is a wreck all scabs. I'll never look the same. Mrs. Tilley informed Mrs. Cousins that I'd try anything. My knee is swelled up about a foot around too. Fred came down for the game stayed up at the house for a while then walked home. He thinks my face is terrible. He said he would even rather have it himself than see me with it.

Thursday, February 25, 1926
We went to Worcester today and bought a new pair of zipper boots, a red cyclamen for school and some shell flowers. It started to rain like blazes after we got up there and of course we didn't have any umbrella. I took off my new hat and put it under my coat till we got down to the Chocolate Shop then put it on and we had dinner. Then Mama went to McInnes' and got me a hat bag to carry my hat in. Went to bed at 8 o'clock and slept till seven. It's the first night since vacation that I've had over seven.

Friday, February 26, 1926
Went to Westboro and got the pattern for riding breeches and came home and got them all made while Mama was at a bridge party. Didn't think there would be any tobogganing as it had rained so, so I went up with Clayton and Ruth Small and all of us were dressed up. They had made the slide all over and were ready to go out when we got there. I wore Wilbur's rubber boots, woolen socks, army pants, Mackinaw, and a cap turned backwards. Talk about a mess each time I walked up the hill the boots got a little heavier and I walked a little slower. Harry said that pretty soon all that would be left of me would be a pair of boots walking up and down the hill. The latest stunts are going down belly-bump backwards and going down on our knees. I almost shot over Wilbur's head.

Saturday, February 27, 1926
Went to Worcester. Got Stanford a luncheon set for her hope chest. Had button holes made in my riding breeches. Got a new pair of kid gloves and some Richard Hudnut Orchid Powder $1.50. It smells slick. Margaret, Annie, John, Harry, Fred and I went tobogganing. Harry was going home but I called him up and he decided to stay. Had a feed at Warrens then stopped on the way home and had a custard pie with meringue and coconut top. Fred missed the freight by a second after running all the way down and had to walk home. He bought me a peachy gold box of Apollo Chocolates. I called up Horace and had him get me a pair of woolen army pants. Mama bought a crystal for Crystal Hanging (?).

June 9, 2007

Sunday, February 28, 1926
Didn't do anything but look up news all day. Fred came over in the evening and brought me a peachy box of Apollo chocolates. We went to the movies in Marlboro and saw a good picture. Fred missed the 10:15 bus and had to wait till 10:40. Then when he got to Marlboro had to hire a taxi to Hudson. In Hudson had to wait till some Clinton fellows came along. Got home at 2:30.

Monday, March 1, 1926
My ankle is all swelled up and I can barely hobble don't know how I even did it. started in new school and had a peachy time. I'm coming home on 3:14 every day until day light saving and then am going to leave early. Went to Riding School and rode Tony. I don't know why in blazes they don't want to sell him.

Tuesday, March 2, 1926
Went out with Annie, Joe and Henry. Saw "Soul Mates" in the Princess. Had a peach of a time. Henry is as cute as the deuce and awfully nice. Works for the Telegram Gazette too. Got a letter from Fred. My foot aches so I can hardly walk.

Wednesday, March 3, 1926
Foot still going strong. Went to the game tonight with Margaret and the Joyce girls had a feed after and got in the Hudson team in the restaurant. Wrote Fred a letter. Was invited down to Southville next Tuesday to a supper at the church by Mrs. Moore.

Thursday, March 4, 1926
Washed my hair before supper. Went out after supper with Annie, Joe and Henry. My hair was still wet so that we couldn't go to Marlboro to a show so we sent down here to the movies. Gee, I'd forgotten those darn seats were so hard. Henry is going to have a mirror put in his Ford. He is going to call me up tomorrow night about Sunday.

Friday March 5, 1926
Went up to Clinton after school to see Marion. She said that Bedrick's had burned flat to the ground so she is out of a job. It was so cold coming home that I didn't dare drive up to the horse show and leave the Ford out. Henry called up and said that he didn't get home until about 7:40 but if I wanted to come up on the bus he'd meet me at 8:00 at the Strand and take me. Gee the show was great. It lasted from 7:30 until 12 o'clock. My Tony got a prize in the polo contest. Leo sat beside us stewed to the eyes. Saturday, March 6, 1926
Went to Worcester and changed my overshoes again. This time for four buckle overshoes as big as a barn. Ate up at the Chinese restaurant had roast chicken, chicken chow mein and all its fixings and a Chinese preserved fruit sundae. Fred came down in the evening. He brought me a big box of chocolates and a grand new leather belt to sear with my riding trousers. Afterwards while I was trying it on I cracked the crystal of my watch with the buckle.

Sunday, March 7, 1926
Went up to Warren's in the afternoon. Bert was up there. We played cards until five o'clock. Then Bert brought me home. Joe and Henry came down on the 6:40 bus. Annie and I met them and then came up here to the house. The walking was wild all icy and lots of water. Henry was just suggesting that he carry me when he slipped and fell into a big puddle splashing the water into the tops of my overshoes. He got soaked. Joe slipped and got soaked too.

Monday, March 8, 1926
Went up to Riding School and rode Jill. Mr. Bengstedsh's(?) race horse. I was the first pupil to ever ride it. They were sure I'd get thrown. Henry would have taken me to the pictures afterward if I hadn't had to go to Town Meeting. Big fight there. I sat with Billie Rice and Bill Brewster. Bill wanted to take me home. Got a letter from Fred and Stanford. No shaking today.

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Pat Pepple