Robert Lewis Reid (1907)
National Museum of American Art

Language of the Parasol

Carrying it elevated in left hand Desiring an acquaintance.
Carrying it elevated in right hand You are too willing.
Carrying it closed in left hand Meet on the first crossing.
Carrying it closed in the right hand by the side Follow me.
Carrying it in front of you No more at present.
Carrying it over the right shoulder You may speak to me.
Carrying it over the left shoulder You are too cruel.
Closing it up I wish to speak to you, love.
Dropping it I love you.
End of tip to lips Do you love me?
Folding it up Get rid of your company.
Letting it rest on the right cheek Yes.
Letting it rest on the left cheek No.
Striking it on the hand I am very much displeased.
Swinging it to and fro by handle on left side I am engaged.
Swinging it to and fro by handles on right side I am married.
Tapping the chin gently I am in love with another.
Twirling it around Be careful, we are watched.
Using it as a fan Introduce me to your company.
With handle to lips Kiss me.

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